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Meghanne Storey on The Drawbacks of Living In West Seattle "I Cannot Think Of A Single One"

"I cannot imagine commuting like I used to with the bridge being closed."

Meet Alternative Rock Musician "Meghanne Storey" from West Seattle, WA

Mistah Wilson: Hey, Meghanne! Thanks so much for dropping by for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. Before we get into tha tunes, let's talk West Seattle. What would you say you miss tha most about West Seattle and why?
Meghanne: I miss West Seattle a lot. The water, the beach, the walks, the Alki bakery, Pegasus Pizza...I miss bonfires on the beach and campouts.. I miss the community. I miss Easy Street Records and the Ice Cream shop! I miss Lou's and the Dennys on California Ave. I miss so much about West Seattle. Such an awesome community there.

Mistah Wilson: After a several year closure, tha West Seattle Bridge has been officially reopened to traffic! How vital was tha expressway when you were living in West Seattle?
Meghanne: The West Seattle Bridge was my main road for transportation between where I worked in Downtown Seattle and where I lived In West Seattle. I cannot imagine commuting like I used to with the bridge being closed.

Mistah Wilson: What would you say were some drawbacks being a resident of West Seattle during your time there?
Meghanne: Some drawbacks to living in West Seattle? I cannot think of a single one. It was a great community, full of life and friendship and people who cared. I loved West Seattle so much.



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