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LISTEN: Juliana Hale Delivers a Knockout Blow on ‘Fake’

Sooner or later, the truth prevails, as the insincere fall by the wayside.

Juliana Hale is no stranger to that phenomenon, and her experience led her to write and record “Fake,” an edgy new single inspired by the discovery that a friend’s true colors were an entirely different shade than originally anticipated.

In these situations, we have a choice — rise above the fray, and use our experiences to become empowered; or sink to the level of those whose mask has fallen off.

“I always want my music to leave the listener feeling inspired to stay true to themselves. ‘Fake’ is no exception to this rule for me,’ Hale said. “Taking the high road is often harder than it seems, I want listeners to remain who they are and never let others bring you down to their level. The truth will always find its way.”

Sonically, a moody, blues-influenced rock and roll foundation serves as the perfect companion to Hale’s soulful alto — and, as usual, Hale uses the opportunity to showcase her otherworldly vocal command. Ratcheting up the intensity even further are the dark electropop elements that are expertly layered into the soundscape; these illustrate our protagonist’s ability to cut through the charade of false friendship, and deliver the damning truth like a punch to the gut.



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