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Haadoob - Words From The Wise | Album (ft Wordsworth, yU, Boog Brown, Finale, Psalm One and more) @SomeSuchRecs @haadoobie

Berlin producer Haadoob unearths a conscious boom-bap time capsule featuring all your favorite MCs' favorite MCs.

"Words From The Wise" is a compilation concept album dropping knowledge on your ears and sounds for your mind. It combines the lyrical skills and insights of some of the most gifted MCs around today, set to a warm, organic soundtrack. Words From The Wise is about finding your own voice, your truth, your passion and sense of self in this world.

Hear collaboration tracks with Wordsworth, Nappy Nina, Audessey, J Scienide, yU, Shawn Jackson, Nolan The Ninja, Thaione Davis, Boog Brown, Kryminul of Jigmastas, Finale and Psalm One. Plus cuts by former ITF champion DJ Grazzhoppa.

Vinyl release campaign available soon. The carefully crafted double vinyl with original artwork by Ohmega Watts will feature bonus tracks from Quelle Chris, Kev Brown, Sooma, J Scienide, yU the 78er, Sidewaalk Kal and Finale.
Produced by Haadoob
Cuty by DJ Grazzhoppa
Mixing & mastering by No Sleep Nigel
Artwork by Ohmega Watts / Brokin nglish Design Collective

Check out album below.





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