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Danny Boy Of Batch Records Talks New Album, Indie Label, & What’s To Come For Next Year

– Danny Boy, what city and state you rep?

I’m reppin La Habra, California.

– How long have you been rapping?

I’ve been rapping since sophomore year in high school, writing raps in my journal instead of taking notes.

– Are you the only one in your city or area making noise? Any local names in your circle we should know about?

Nah I’m not. Orange County has a great community of rappers up coming for example: Bravo562, J3EZUS, Prophecy, No Limit Kid, Average Joe, Joey Smalls, Keyloc$, Kid Vista, Koryo, Saga, RayGunz, & The Ghetty Boy$.

 Let’s talk about Batch Records. When was the crew created, and who’s part of it?

Batch Records started this year officially back in June. I told myself instead of trying to sign to a major label, why not make my own record label and help the rappers in my community get a shot at reaching their dreams. Right now the artists we’re working with are J3EZUS, Bravo562, Average Joe, Prophecy, & The Batch.

– Are you signed to any label, or strictly independent at the moment? Would you ever want to be signed?

I’m under Batch Records an independent label that I created, but as a kid I always wanted to be signed to Def Jam or Rostam records. So if they wanna collaborate with us at Batch Records we’ll be ready to work something out. 

– Congrats on your new EP, “For The Moment“! In a few words, how do you describe the project?

Thank you!! This project is to make way for what is yet to come from Batch Records and myself. I just wanted to drop an EP for the supporters before I go back into album mode.

– On the production side of things, who laid down the beats?

On this project  I had the honor of working with 3 dope producers. M.A.E.R ( His IG is @Maermusik) he produced Morning Paper & Batch Cypher. My Boy Kriz  from Keepin It Real Since ( His IG @Kriz93til) he produced Smoke Break. J3EZUS my label mate ( His IG @J3EZUS) produced Lost. He also has production credit on my last project What Does It Cost? 

– For a new listener, what is your go-to track off the project you recommend?

I would say Morning Paper, the first track off the project. It has a 90’s underground feel to it.

– Any videos to this project yet?

Yeah! I just put out two music videos for Morning Paper and Batch Cypher, you can find them on our Batch Records YouTube channel. Both videos were directed by Isaac (His IG @Meta_isaac_) from The Ghetty Boy$.

– As you know, this is an underground site. What’s your definition of underground hip hop?

My definition of underground Hip Hop is lyrics without censorship, freedom to have social consciousness. 

– What do you have going on headed towards the new year? Any new follow up projects in the works?

We just dropped an international album with a producer from the UK he goes by Big Alf. He put together a great album with different artist from around the world. Also, I’m working on my next solo album the name for the project will be called Back in a Dayze so Stay Tuned!!! 

– Where can fans find more of your music or follow you if they want to dig through your catalog?

You Can Follow me on Instagram @Ayo_Dannyboy & @Batchrecords. My music Is on all streaming platforms and on the Batch Records YouTube channel. 

– Lastly, any shout outs?

I wanna give a shoutout to my family & friends thanks for the support and also Bravo562, The Batch, J3EZUS, AyeBrook, NiRecordings, Noa James, Brick to Ya Face, Broke Boy Studios, Audio Dope, CZN Fest, The Rovers, The Ghetty Boy$, Big Alf, Personal Space, Keepin It Real Since, everyone at Chapter 1, the Sleepy Perros, Ruby, Sabrina De La Cruz, Kid Cudi, La Habra, and lastly everyone that doubted me, Thank You!!




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