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Coline Creuzot (@ColineCreuzot) - "That Feeling" (Acoustic)

Celebrated for her embodied vocals and visceral delivery, Coline Creuzot leans into her identity as a strategic and impactful performer on her upcoming acoustic version of “That Feeling.” Cathartic, kind-hearted, and universal, the single calls upon emotions that ring true to the human experience. "That Feeling" takes an honest look at relationships and ruminates on the emotions that arise when letting someone go. While the original version of "That Feeling" was produced by three time Grammy Award winning producer Troy Taylor (Trey Songz, Whitney Houston) and multi-platinum G Sparkz (Meek Mill, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young MA), the acoustic set uses dialed back soundscapes to lean into the gravity of Creuzot's vocals while further developing an emotional depth to pair with the thematics of heartbreak, tenderness, and acceptance. The use of melancholic piano, diluted guitar, and ethereal harmonies lifts Coline’s awe-inspiring vocals to the forefront of the track, creating an air of intimacy and genuine intent. The nature of “That Feeling” is meditative, focused on appreciating the highs and lows of a past relationship and moving forward with grace. The acoustic version of the track allows time and space for contemplative thought as Creuzot dives deep into her own subconscious with careful vocal choices and contrasting moments of both power and restraint. Coline Creuzot has opened for Drake, Keyshia Cole, David Banner and T.I. and has collaborated with icons such as Sam Hook (Ne-Yo, Ella Mai, Trey Songz, Keyshia Cole) and Happy Perez (Miguel, Mariah Carey and Frank Ocean) throughout her career. She has received acclaim from several publications such as BET, Essence, Earmilk, VIBE, and called "an artist at the forefront” by Ebony Magazine.




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