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WATCH: With ‘Nothing Lasts Forever,’ Dylan Brushes Off Love in Dramatic Fashion

Dylan’s appreciation for all things rock and roll is evident in everything she does. A self-proclaimed “rock star in a pop star’s body,” the British-born pop artist incorporates big guitar riffs and a flair for showmanship into her stadium-ready pop anthems.

It’s appropriate, then, that she’ll get to bring her infectious tunes to stadiums across the pond, when she joins Ed Sheeran for his 2023 U.S. dates, including July 22 at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium.

“I feel like America is a big place, and I feel like I’m writing very big songs,” Dylan said. “That has very much been welcomed with open arms where you guys are, which I have absolutely loved. I feel like it’s going to be a really good thing; I feel like I’m going to win some people over, and hopefully, I can come back a lot.”

One of those big songs is “Nothing Lasts Forever,” The bright pop rock single — from Dylan’s debut full-length album, The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn — is a cheeky commentary on the fleeting nature of love… and just about everything else in life, from the money in our bank accounts, to our own childhood dreams.

To match the song’s effervescent energy and sense of humor, the video for “Nothing Lasts Forever” pulls in loads of theatrical influence — adding just the right amount of cringe, for good measure.

“I listened to it so many times, and I was like, ‘I feel like we need to go slightly musical on this. I want it to be an anti-musical,'” Dylan said. “I put musicals in the same category as love, which I think is a bit over the top and cringey. At the same time, I love to cringe.”

The video also gave Dylan an opportunity to challenge herself creatively, by putting her front and center in between a team of professional dancers.

“I am an absolute sucker for dancing. I don’t know why; I think maybe I was a ballerina or showman in my past life. I’m convinced, because I can’t dance at all,” Dylan said. “I know the video looks kinda like I can, but trust me. If you ever seen me live, it’s awful. It’s just limbs flying everywhere with no control whatsoever, but I am just obsessed with people who can dance. Doing that dance with those four dancers in the video, I was like an excited puppy. Doing that was a dream in itself for me; all I want to do is be good at dancing.”

Does Dylan have the moves? See for yourself, and enjoy “Nothing Lasts Forever” below!



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