Sunday Replay: Originality, Purpose, and Small Victories

Our recent guests to The Quinn Spinn have spent years refining their creative processes, and the time spent has put them in a position where they can share the lessons they’ve learned.

Today’s Sunday Replay presents a few of those lessons, front and center. Watch the clips below! And, if you want more insights just like these, check out these links…

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Earlier this year, Mason Levi and Bronnie joined The Quinn Spinn as they toured through Nashville, and we discussed the day-by-day nature of succeeding as a creative entrepreneur.

Music on the Move Studios co-founder Erin McLendon shares an enduring lesson about purpose that she learned from her business coach, Lindsey Kirkendall.

0-brien stopped by the studio recently, and we had a good time roasting the lack of originality in certain corners of the music industry!

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