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More Bad News for Kanye West


Kanye West has faced backlash since his infamous ‘Drink Champs’ interview, where he made anti-semitic comments. West was reportedly dropped by Adidas for his remarks, then ultimately had his G.O.O.D. Music label, and his own contract dropped from Def Jam. Now, it has been reported that Kano, the brand responsible for West’s Stem Player, has dropped the rapper as a client. 

The company made new versions of the device that can now be used by any artist, allowing them to upload their music. Kano’s CEO, Alex Klein, spoke to the Los Angeles Times, saying, “I asked Kanye West not to take the path he’s on. We’ve told him that we’re unable to work together while he’s putting out racial conspiracy theories. There’s no deal in place.”

Klein noted that the comments by West weren’t the only thing that led to the ending of their relationship. “Unfortunately, Kanye didn’t want to allow other musical artists onto the platform. This was a disagreement that we had trouble resolving.” West reportedly responded to the disagreement with Klein about other artists by offering to buy the platform. Despite dropping West, Klein and Kano are wrapped up in copyright infringement suits tied to ‘Donda 2,’ as the rapper was sued for using various samples.

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