LISTEN: On ‘The Other Side,’ Chxrry22 Embraces Duality

About five years ago, Toronto native Chxrry22 could have never imagined turning music into a career… until she began using social media to showcase her talents.

Her cover videos began going viral. From there, she dropped out of school, moved to Atlanta, and began pursuing music full-time. Eventually, she landed a deal with XO Records – co-founded by fellow Toronto native, The Weeknd – as the label’s first female artist.

Like any artist, Chxrry22’s road to success was not without its bumps, twists, and turns. Taking the full-time creative plunge leads even the most strong-willed and dedicated artists to moments of doubt. However, as she learned to trust in her own abilities, Chxrry22 has discovered a certain resilience, and a knack for navigating the ups and downs of the creative process.

“It’s all going to work out,” she said. “I literally used to sit up crying like, ‘Am I going to be a loser?’ I dropped out of school and I told everybody I was going to be a big star. It’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, this shit better work out.’ And it does. It works out one way or another. Whatever is meant for you will be.”

That mentality has brought Chxrry22 to the release of her debut EP, The Other Side. Loaded with potent late-night vibes, the project blends lo-fi pop production with rich, sensual R&B vocals. Thematically, the 7-track effort is an opportunity for Chxrry22 to investigate her own imperfections, acknowledging that she – like all of us – can play both villain and victim, as she juggles real life and relationships with the rigors of her blossoming career.

“Growing up, I felt like confused about who I was, because some people saw me a certain way, and others saw me another way. I would get mixed reviews,” she said. “I was like, ‘What am I? Am I fake?’ You’re not fake; you have two sides, and nobody is this perfect person.”

Overall, The Other Side marks an important point in the career and life of an emerging artist; one who has put in the work to embrace her journey, own all parts of her story, and love herself fully. We invite you to check it out below! Then, take an even deeper dive by watching the video for “Call Me.”

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