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If Fatal Lucciauno Could Only Recommend 3 Of His Songs, It Would Be These...

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Mistah Wilson: If you could recommend only 3 songs out of your entire catalog, which ones would they be and why?
Fatal Lucciauno: Oh wow um, 1.) The Revenge of Ota Benga because It was my second song speaking from a dead man’s perspective with modern feelings attached the Muse of my anger. Some scars can’t heal no matter the medicine or care. “The Revenge of Ota Benga” is a reminder of that fact. 2.) Melodies from Heaven, because I am terrifyingly honest in that song. A few groups of people were offended but simultaneously empathized with me after hearing the song. My pain brings out a different style of poetry so most people gravitate to the shock of my words over the production I chose. 3.) Speaking in Tongues because it’s honest and my syllable game is manipulated on another level. Speaking from a spiritual perspective to a non believer is like speaking in tongues, most have a hard time understanding what I’m saying and in some instances I like it that way.



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