Fatal Lucciauno Speaks On The PNW Being A Part Of The West Coast "Geography Trumps Personal Opinion"

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Mistah Wilson: There's been recent discussion on our platform questioning whether Seattle is a part of tha West Coast being that the Puget Sound is in tha way of tha Pacific Ocean. Would you say there is a significant difference between tha Pacific Northwest and tha West Coast? Why or why not?
Fatal Lucciauno: The Northwest is the west coast. Geographically located trumps personal opinion. We are the top of the coast and the coast is bigger than one state. Yes there is a difference but only in accessibility and appropriation. Unfortunately our section is drowned by appropriation and misrepresentation but I don’t want to bash anyone.

Mistah Wilson: What would you say are some of tha biggest issues Seattle faces as a city in contrast to tha rest of tha country?
Fatal Lucciauno: Seattle is the best city at hiding it’s drug and gang problem from the national news community. All we are known for is coffee and Microsoft. We get national attention due to our liberal outlook on society but our culture is drowned out by surrounding states and regions. Basically we are not noticed for the “REAL SEATTLE”!

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Fatal! It ain't enough time in a day, mayne! Thank you so much for coming thru for this exclusive interview w/ ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! If you have any shout outs you want to send, let's hear em...
Fatal Lucciauno: Shout out to you family. We need people that actually care enough to share the stories in our community. Shout out to my Parents. My brothers Free My Bros. Free Nino. Free Cease. FreeBlu3. Free Rocc. Free Sav. Free Fatality. 1L1P Music LLC. Black Umbrella Music. Gemini Jones Ent. My business partner Avon. Chicago Illinois. And East Cherry st. To be God be the glory.

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