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Fatal Lucciauno on Some Of His Favorite Collaborations Such As Stuey Newton, Grynch, Jake One, & more...

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Mistah Wilson: What would you say are some of your favorite collaborations?
Fatal Lucciauno: My favorite collabs?? Lia B - sacrifice. J park - sun comes up. D. Black aka NISSIM - every song. B. Cole - Trenches and Cherry. L Roc - east bake. Therdz - G Nikes. Jake One - The Message. Romaro Franceswa - renaissance (unreleased). Good sin - looking over me. Mario Casalini - everything we have done together has been classic. Marcus D - between the lines. Boombox Massacre - Thanos & Blqck Horse Rider. Kuddie Fresh/Intylekt Troy - The Black Sheep (unreleased). Raz Simone - Same Problems, Them, Sacrifice. Every song me and Magik on together. Vitamin D - never change. Grynch - youngest in charge. Durranged Pit - the beast within. Taz Allen - lightbill. Debrae - L’s. Tavion - I’m good. Mundy -saki. Spac3man - Killers. Pinder - the Life, opportunity. Dice Cunningham - she can’t miss. RC trackaholic - Diamonds. Jake Hill (videos). Stuey Newton is one the most talented people I’ve worked with for multiple songs.




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