Fatal Lucciauno on Legendary Seattle Artists "It’s Hard To Pinpoint Only A Few"

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Mistah Wilson: Who are some legendary Seattle artists you would recommend?
Fatal Lucciauno: Vitamin D is the big Homie spaceman is also a legendary artist in Seattle. Raz Simone is a legendary artist in Seattle along with Anthony Danza, Dyme Def, 28 AV, Jarv Dee, even though he’s a producer you have to mention Jake One, Framework, A-Sun, JFK, Candidt, Macklemore, Kuddie Fresh, Chocolate, Tiffany Wilson, Lia B, my sister Miz Floez, B.Cole, Romaro, Grynch, Byrdie (rip) Syko (rip) POPSykle (rip) Juicedagod (rip) TNT, Kung FooGrip, Fresh Espresso, Common Market, Blue Scholars Maniak B., Pinder, Gifted Gab, Holly Michelle, Un, and a whole generation of NW artists that never shout me out lol. There are so many talented artists in Seattle, that it’s hard to pinpoint only a few, if you attempt to, you’re sure to miss out on a large chunk of music and culture. Everyone don’t show love like that but if they were honest they’d be saying the same thing. My mother is Josephine Howell Gospel and jazz singer, she’s known by everybody in the city, so much so, that people who don’t know her personally are shocked to find out I’m her son. See my mother uses her gift to uplift those who feel down and always makes sure to praise the creator, while my name in music is associated with anger and pain so yeah! I’ve been around influential artist, almost all my life nothing changed when I came to Seattle.

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