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Call 911, Bri Carter Is A Forest Fire In New Single ‘too much to handle’

Bri Carter

New York based Artist, Bri Carter, delivers an upbeat and melodic mixture of pop, alt, hip-hop and hyperpop. Growing up, she never really felt like she fit in but found herself in music and used that as a creative outlet to express herself which allowed her to grow in ways she never could have imagined. In 2022, Bri has released 3 successful singles and her first seven song EP “Me vs. Me

Bri Carter’s debut EP is packed with raw emotion and punchy melodies. All seven of the songs are ones to scream out loud, giving the EP an all around feeling of catharsis from start to end. Bri has played live shows in New York and New Jersey, including a “Breaking Sound” performance in NYC, and an upcoming “hello soundroom” performance in Philadelphia at the end of this year.

Bri Carter has amassed an ever growing following and cult fanbase on Tik-Tok with over 20,000 followers and fans spanned across the world.

too much to handle is a melodic emotional embodiment of feeling like you’re too much-whether that be you’re too intense, or you’re too passionate about things you love. The lyrics “I’m a forest fire when they wanted a candle” expresses the notion that your symbolic fire is spreading too wide, when others want you to remain a single flame.

Bri’s inspiration for this song stems from facing backlash and criticism from her family and others for pursuing a music career, instead of settling for a steady 9-5 job and lifestyle.




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