WATCH: Erin McLendon’s ‘Sunday Crowd’ Video Unites the Congregation

Back in July — on the way to the release of her self-titled EP — Erin McLendon released “Sunday Crowd,” a song which acknowledges the skeletons even the holiest of holy rollers have in their closets.

Last Friday, McLendon dropped a new music video for “Sunday Crowd,” celebrating our differences and the common threads that unite us all.

The video was filmed at Glendale United Methodist Church in Nashville, and features McLendon and her band, The HellCats strolling in, dressed in all black and keeping it together, despite feeling the effects of a wild Saturday night. McLendon performs the song for the congregation, whose members slowly begin to reach across the aisle despite their differences. By the end of the video, the sides are unified, singing and clapping along in jubilation.

And, because it’s Sunday, that means it’s also time for football. “Sunday Crowd” gives us the opportunity to watch members of the congregation take on McLendon and the HellCats in a church flag football tournament. The two teams battle the rainy elements on Glendale’s front lawn, as they strive for gridiron glory.

This is a fun one! Join the “Sunday Crowd” below.

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