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The Real Reason Kobe Bryant Didn't Do Extra Curricular Activities in the Industry

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. See, nobody hears it when I say it. But, when one of these talking heads say it, oh, it just might be true, huh? Please.

When LeBron James first came to tha Lakers, I hated it. I liked absolutely nothing about it. And here's why. For Kobe Bryant to be tha symbol of a true champion, a legacy player. 20 solid years in his career with one team. Even when things got ugly, he stayed with tha show! He didn't run off to Chicago looking for a "faster" or "better" chance of winning a chip. All that "it was always my dream to play for tha Lakers" nonsense is out; not good enough for tha tried & true Angeleno who actually witnessed tha mere contruction of Staples Center at tha most recent turn of tha century.

Ok, let me get to my point here. I don't mean to ramble on as if I'm Stephen A. Smith or something. So, here's tha deal. I always told people that LeBron trying to eclipse Kobe's 5 championship rings with tha Lakers is unacceptable. Everybody's response was always something to tha effect of how much that couldn't be tha case based on tha respect and admiration James has been known to have for Bryant. But, as great as LeBron James is, I knew it was only a matter of time before tha GOAT conversations would be between James and Jordan, ending with no mention of Kobe Bryant. Yes, tha conversation would go from Michael Jordan to LeBron James.

Now, you can present all tha facts and statistics you want. But, if LeBron James is truly that great of a player who, in my opinion should've played football tha way he wills himself to tha rim every game, then why does he feel tha need to run to winning teams? Why can't he make his team better like he did in Cleveland that one year lol? LeBron James belongs on tha Cleveland Cavaliers. That city deserves him. And it would be a respectable legacy.

I don't acknowledge James' ring in Los Angeles. Nope. It didn't happen. But, James is not tha subject of this article. Kobe is. And here is why Kobe Bryant wasn't involved in extra curricular activities like Jordan and James were. Because he was busy practicing! Because he was busy shooting in tha gym! That is what was more important to him. How much more money would've made it worthwhile for Kobe Bryant to compromise tha assurance of his greatness? Perhaps it's tha movies and such that give fans tha projection of success when referring to one's career.

All I know is, Kobe Bryant was so great that his skillset and philosophy taught me so much even off tha court! His game spoke so loudly. His highlights are nearly unmatched, and I say that with all due respect to all players. There's some crazy stuff out there. Nevertheless, we miss Kobe Bryant, GiGi, and continue to mourn for his family. As far as I'm concerned, tha Los Angeles Lakers died with Kobe Bryant. It's 100% Clipset now.



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