Why Every Rapper & Artist Need To Lock In Their Website Domain


Everyday independent artists release new music, brand themselves on DSPs, blogs, and event fliers not realizing there are putting their brand at risk of being highjacked by a domain reseller. When artists don’t have a website, most importantly, don’t even have a domain with a .com behind their stage name it could be a recipe for disaster the second they need a website. Rule number one in 2022 when it comes down to branding yourself as an artist, buy your domain first and everything else should fall into place.

There’s been countless cases when an artist go on domain registrars like EnzoDomains.com (a leading domain and hosting provider) to buy their name & launch their site. Comes to find out, their artist name with a .com cost thousands of dollars. So they have to resort to putting “music” or “hip hop” after their name.

It’s not hard for resellers to come across names of artists who’ve been branding themselves without a website with their exact stage name available for purchase as a .com usually for around $16 a year on any domain registrar. So they buy the domain to only mark it up for thousands of dollars knowing eventually that artist will need a website one day and will be forced to buy it. Without a domain, there is no website. With a vast majority of affordable DIY web builders on the market too, right now is the best time to launch a website as easy as using provided templates that cater to just about any business or creative. To sum up this article, don’t get highjacked and grab your .com the second you decide to take your music career seriously.

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