Cassette on Vancouver vs. Seattle "Hip Hop in the states is just so much more advanced"

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Mistah Wilson: We discovered you while you were performing at a show in Seattle. How much different would you say Canada is from tha United States?
Cassette: I found that the scenery in Seattle is very similar to Vancouver. The audience in Seattle was so friendly and encouraging! I would have to say the difference in currency - Canadian money isn’t worth a whole lot. A lot of people that I connected with in the states mentioned the serious issues with health care. As Canadians, we are privileged to receive universal health care and sometimes I forget how lucky I really am. Music-wise: the world of Hip Hop in the states is just so much more advanced. I’m looking forward to doing more shows in the US and breaking into the scene full force. I’m feeling blessed to be making these connections and I have a lot of respect for the American homies. My goal is to bring my team with me to the next Seattle show so, we can merge together for something really dope!

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