Ben Simmons On The 76ers Holdout, Shooting Struggles, The Hawks, & More...

The Old Man and The Three is BACK with an incredible interview with JJ's old Philadelphia 76ers teammate and current Brooklyn Net, Ben Simmons. This is Ben's first long-form interview in a couple of years so there's a lot to get to. You won't want to miss this one.

Topics include:

-What JJ and and Tommy have been up to since the break.
-The chemistry that Ben and JJ developed as teammates.
-Ben's often overlooked skills on the defensive end and his passing.
-The shooting narrative surrounding Ben in The NBA.
-Falling in love with basketball at an early age.
-His time at LSU.
-Dealing with negativity from media and fans online.
-The story of someone taking video and heckling him in a candy store.
-His mental health struggles over the last few years.
-Why he held out on The Philadelphia 76ers.
-Doc Rivers kicking him out of practice.
-His last playoff series in Philadelphia against The Atlanta Hawks.
-A detailed explanation as to why he passed up the wide open dunk on Trae Young.
-What he's looking forward to most about playing with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and The Brooklyn Nets.
-And so much more.

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