Put Money On An Inmate's Books In The LA County Jail System

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Inmates who are detained in the Los Angeles County Jail system can call on JailHouse Lawyer to provide inmate commissary services for those experiencing trouble with the law. Acting with the innocent person in mind, we believe every American who is incarcerated should be afforded the basic simple rights as citizen. Putting money on an inmate's books will enable them to purchase their own hygiene products, put money on the phone to contact loved ones, and to purchase other necessities such as food and drink.

Right now, at least in Los Angeles County, tha only way to put money on an inmate's commissary is to either go down to the Inmate Reception Center or mail-in a money order. But, tha reality is that with a county as expansive as Los Angeles, loved ones may struggle to physically go to the IRC to put money on their people's books. Furthermore, mailing a money order will take weeks to arrive; and even longer if the inmate is being moved around. 

That's where JailHouse Lawyer comes in. We understand that while someone you know may be locked up in jail, it's a tough time for everybody. JailHouse Lawyer has made it incredibly easy to send money to an inmate in the Los Angeles County jail system. Just send your deposit to $JailHouseLaws on CashApp with your inmate's name and booking number in the 'subject' field. JailHouse Lawyer makes daily deposits 2hrs before IRC closes.

Fees start at 30% for deposits under $100 and go as low as 20% for deposits over $200. Although cash pickup is not yet available, we can arrange for a courier to pick up your deposit for an additional fee anywhere in Los Angeles County. As of now, JailHouse Lawyer only serves the County of Los Angeles and is looking to expand to other counties and states.

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