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LeGrand Whitt on Female R&B Singers Having The Edge Over Male R&B Singers (Part 3)

Mistah Wilson: Your music video to your song "Game Over" was nicely done. What led you to do a video for this song off tha album?
LeGrand Whitt: The reason I did a video on the song "Game Over" is that I wanted the world to see how a toxic relationship can be damaging to the spirit and soul. And how we have to let it go before it destroys our character and life is too short to live in pieces and not in peace. I hope everyone who looks at this video will be motivated to get out of a bad relationship.

Mistah Wilson: When it comes to R&B, who would you say has tha edge in terms of popularity? Men or women and why?
LeGrand WhittThe women have the edge because men want to get things and music that would impress a lady. And R&B is the music to their souls. Depending on what R&B song and a glass of wine is played that night will determine how the night will turn out. So women have the edge because they have half the money and all the other thing in this world. Lol.

Mistah Wilson: We heard you are also working on films right now. Could you tell us more about that?
LeGrand Whitt: I am working with DJ YATTA on a music video and an independent film called Beast Mode The Bloods and Crips save the world. This movie is talking about the Crips and Bloods coming together and stopping fighting each other and deal with the Government. I also just worked on music for this independent film called “Switchmas” out of Washington DC. I worked on a film called Nikita Blues.



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