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Spank Pops - Paragraphs / Moon - 1999

12" - 1999 - Hot Box Records

Here is the debut 12" released by SP a.k.a Spank Pops a.k.a Spank Poppa, an Emcee hailing from the cultural heart of the Bay Area, San Francisco,Ca and affiliated with the Bored Stiff crew during the 90s. 

Photo courtesy of Michael Adams

The wax came out in 1999 on Hot Box Records and contains the tracks "Paragraphs" and "Moon", both produced by Shawn Costello a.k.a Big Shawn (of Bored Stiff). If you like Bay Area material, this 12" is for you ! For the CD headz, the tracks are also available on the album "Thought I Wasn't..." released on CD in 2002. 




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