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Pensacola’s TC Blanco Drops New Album “Trap Shit” Alongside Official Video “This Week”

Pensacola trapper turned rapper, TC Blanco started making music after seeing local artists rise behind the facade of a life he was actually living. Growing up, Blanco started earning money as young as 10-years old, washing cars and cleaning yards that had been impacted by hurricanes. His parents struggled trying to make ends meet for their kids, so naturally, as a hustler, he got to work. In high school, his legal, adolescent grind turned risky and he was fully indoctrinated into street life. Inspired by the lack of validity he decided to get into music and paint the truest sonic picture of a trapper’s life. Blanco aims to push the message of being yourself and getting money in every rhyme he writes.

source https://undergroundhiphopblog.com/albums/pensacolas-tc-blanco-drops-new-album-trap-shit-alongside-official-video-this-week/


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