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Growin Pains - Still Same Game - 1998

12" - 1998 - Home Brew Records 

This record was the second 12" released by the Swedish rapper named Growin Pains a.k.a Iron African. He was also known for being a member of Infinite Mass from Stockholm, Sweden, a crew formed in the early 90s.

Photo #1 : Growin Pains / Photo #2 : Infinite Mass - Photos courtesy of Iron African

This wax came out in 1998 on Home Brew Records and features the tracks "Still Same Game", "You Got Warned" and " Time To Eat", everything produced by Wagie (w/ Scratches by DJ TechNic). It is maybe not as good as his first 12" titled "Stockholm Staal" which was released in 1997 and produced by Rusiak (of Sherlock) but it deserves to be in your collection. By the way it's a pretty good deal, the wax is really cheap !




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