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NiNi's Catering Is Bringing Flavor To Your Front Door! Now Serving Los Angeles & Las Vegas!

"Food is ALWAYS Fresh, Tasteful, & Plentiful! Literally never disappointed! Def worth every penny!" -Mahogany S.

It's always a good thing to see black businesses succeed. But, when Black business and Black relationships succeed, it's twice as satisfying. NiNi's Catering is bringing a whole new tasty experience to your doorstep and it's as unique as anything we've seen on tha restaurant circuit. 

From Tacos to Crab Legs, NiNi's Catering damn near does it all. With recipes inspired by her grandmother Rose, you are sure to taste love in every bite! NiNi's catering creates food that people actually want to eat. She specializes in Tacos, but applies no limit to imagination when creating a tasteful experience you are sure to remember!

We caught up with NiNi for a quick Q&A on how she got started and how you can order some of her delicious goodies.

Mistah Wilson: Hey, NiNi! Thanks for stopping by for this Q&A with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! Shout Out Altadena artist Hard Reign for tha plug 🔌

Mistah Wilson: You've been making quite tha noise with NiNi's Catering. Tell us about what inspired you to do food...
NiNi's Catering: The love I found in food. I was cooking tacos as a hustle and as I begin cooking more I realized I love cooking granny and my sister inspired me to really cook watching them cook...

Mistah Wilson: If you could recommend only one menu item for a first time customer, what would it be and why?
NiNi's Catering: I would recommend my taco because that is what started it all. People love my tacos, I've had people wait 2 hours in line for my tacos...

Mistah Wilson: Do you develop your own recipes? If so, what's your process that makes your food different?
NiNi's Catering: Yes, I do develop my own recipes, and my food is different because I put a lot of love, patience, and dedication. I really think of what my customers want and I think of a game plan and I deliver it.

Mistah Wilson: We see y'all just leveled up with tha mobile kitchen! What areas are you currently serving?
NiNi's Catering: Yes, our mobile kitchen is being constructed as we speak and the areas we serve: All of Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Mistah Wilson: We've seen tha photos and they look absolutely amazing! Who or what is your inspiration to not just food, but cooking as well?
NiNi's Catering: My granny Rose. She always wanted me to have a business. She is my daily inspiration...

Mistah Wilson: Where can hungry customers find and follow you online?
Facebook Page: Ninis Tacos
Instagram: ninis.catering1

Mistah Wilson: Hey, Nini thanks so much for stopping by for this Q&A with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! We look forward to trying your food soon! If you have anything you'd like to say to new potential customers, let's hear it...
NiNi's Catering: Try #NinisCatering For any meal you can imagine and we promise you won't be disappointed...

As of right now, NiNi's Catering doesn't offer a menu. But, you can follow their social media pages and contact them directly to create a custom order just for you! Also, if you need A-1 catering services, NiNi's can facilitate parties for over 100+ people. 

Call & Order today!



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