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West Coast Artist, Floy Dexx delivers the visual to his single "Timeless"

Floy Dexx is a versatile hip-hop artist raised in Belize City who triples up as a producer and executive producer. At the age of 10, Floy has a romantic start with music and learns to write songs. At that time, most of his songs were about his life – drawing inspiration from legends such as Tupac Shakur. Floy’s enterprising mind gave him an early start that was way ahead of his peers. At age 16, he took himself through college while producing singles for other artists and himself. His ability to sell is one among many of his stellar qualities other than music. When he was 24-years-old, Floy sold over 10,000 copies of his first mixtape only in the first month of its release.


In September 2018, he worked alongside prominent names in music such as Snoop Dogg and Famous Dex. He has since harnessed the power of collaboration and learn from the best while building his presence in the industry. Floy’s music is an exciting mix of Hip-hop and the "good vibes" culture, such as the one embedded in Jamaican music. The seamless integration of these two genres is testimony to his mind-blowing musical prowess. Floy Dexx's 2018 single, Tropical Nights, is one such song that has a powerful mix of both hip hop and Jamaican music. In 2020, he released more break-through singles such as; "The One, Flawless, Press Play," among others. With a growing national fanbase, Floy is undoubtedly the one to watch in the near future.

Floy Dexx


While growing up in Belize, has was surrounded by several challenges, synonymous with anyone growing up in a third-world country. There is not much diversification in Belize. People there were mainly focused on Jamaican music. But Floy was inspired to choose a different route and chose to be true to himself and his calling in music – just like a true believer that he is. As a kid, he used to watch B.E.T and told himself that, someday, he would be there doing exactly what they were doing.


That dream never died. Floy has never let it go since that time. Hip hop was always his thing. He believed that through it, you can tell a story beyond what anyone could ever imagine. For all these years in music, the idea behind creating amazing stories for his fans has kept him believing in more. Be sure to connect with Floy Dexx on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.










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