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Demo : GOS - Whatever it Takes

Highlight on this unreleased track titled "Whatever it Takes" featuring GOS a.k.a Gift Of Speech & DJ Jay-Ski, and produced by my man OMNE.
If you do remember, OMNE is the Philly-based producer affiliated with the group P.H.A. also known as Power Hittin' Artists, comprised of Granz, Prince Lord Naeem & Wise KABAR (RIP) who dropped a few singles in the mid/late-90s.
OMNE is really cool, he sent me a batch of unreleased tracks recently and the song "Whatever It Takes" is one of them.

OMNE : "There's a studio in Philly (Larry Gold's) that has basically been the main studio people who are serious about music record in for the past 20 years now... such as The Roots and many other, major and independent artists, mostly Hip-Hop and R'n'B.

GOS and I connected through working at the studio. GOS (Gift of Speech) is an engineer there. I would book time after midnight in the B room cause that's what we could barely afford. I recorded there (mostly in the B room) with Aphillyation, PHA, Maylay Sparks, Kamachi, Last Emperor, and Jay-Ski.

GOS would end up being our engineer. So we clicked and eventually and I got to hear some of his tracks. After a little while we ended up working on some stuff together. My personal favorite being "Whatever It Takes" with Jay-Ski on the cuts.

One night after midnight I came in and payed the beat down, GOS proceeded to lay his vocals and lastly Jay-Ski came through, he had no idea what he was gonna be cutting on the track and had never even heard the track before.

Regardless it takes him no time at all to lay his cuts. I had all the stuff picked out already for him to cut. He cues it up runs through a couple times and he's ready to record. Every session with Jay was always like that. He can save you plenty of doe in the studio. He knows what he's doing.. Unfortunately the track was never released, which sucks because I think it was the best track I ever had something to do with.. "

GOS only officially released a single sometime around 2001 called "Roll with the Punches". It was released on 12" via Soulspazm Records. OMNE put out an EP around 2004 that no one ever really heard named "Aratone Epidemic". It has GOS, Maylay Sparks, Kamachi, Aphillyation featuring on it...

Mad Props to OMNE. 




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