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BlackMajik - Introducin' The BlackMajik - 1996

EP - 1996 - Subrosa Record

I don't usually do update, but this time it's different ... I have to share this short interview I did with the legendary Blackmajik, with whom the connection was made by my man Marco Scarano a.k.a DJ Scaramanga (thank you bro !).

Everyone should have a copy of this EP in his collection, I really like it ! So for those who don't remember or even know him, you need to know that BlackMajik from Queens,NY released this classic debut "Introducin' The BlackMajik" in 1996. It is a 6-track EP produced by BlackMajik himself and released on the UK-based label Subrosa Record, owned by Nick Harris (Executive produced by the legendary rap pioneer Glenn Sweety "G" Toby & Robert McKnight)
The tracks were recorded at Funky Slice Studios in Fort Greene Brooklyn and the EP features BlackMajik's partners Lord Emega, Baby Beretta, Cologne Gotti, Divine Culture, Ill Will and Justice, all members of the DO.Fam (DO for Dollars, written DU.Fam on the back cover). This is the only 12" released by BlackMajik... he disappeared from the Hip-Hop scene after that...

Where did you come from exactly ?

BlackMajik : "well originally I was born in Harlem NY but I moved to Queens when I was 5 years old. "

How did you fall into hip-hop ? 

BlackMajik : "Hip-Hop was all around me, Break Dancing, Graffiti...all the elements.

What were your hip-hop influences ?

BlackMajik : "As an emcee my hip-hop influences were Rakim, Nas and Kool G Rap. I studied hip-hop, I have a masters in I learned flow patterns, and breath control from KRS One facts...The production factor through paying close attention to details."

Could you give me more info about the DO.Fam ?

BlackMajik : "The DO.FAM was not only a rap mob but also a street gang... The Fam. So the rappers you hear are also gang members from the Fam...Baby Beretta, Colon Gotti, Emega... all from the gang. I still have connect with them, but mainly Baby Beretta a.k.a Black Demon ... still doing music till today ! "

How did the connection happen between you and Glenn Toby ? How were you signed by Subrosa Record?

BlackMajik : "I was heavy in da streets so I met Glenn through my street connects... All label and record connects through Glenn. I was also dealing with super manager Steve Lobel, my Brother from another Mother... but I signed through Glenn.

After that I got robbed !! How the fuck you get deal and never see income, never see your manager, never meet your label executives...these record label executives don't know the streets and the fact that some shit can lead to really dangerous outcomes... I've never seen a soul..... I was hitting in the industry... many waited for my release and I was let down and now my record is sold behind my back, my talent and hard work displayed and I received nothing ! "

What happened to Blackmajik after the release of the EP in 1996 ?

BlackMajik : "After I released the EP, I was still in da rotten apple living that street life... 'till finally it caught up with me... Jails, Prisons...etc

But here is a real fact, we still hear banging out that raw hip hop...2021. Almighty Do.Fam still strong... 1000 members and growing soon new melodik evil on its way... Hip Hop will never Die ! A lot of these modern rappers owe the fam, we created their flow and images and ideas...we're back....straight from the rotten apple...Peace"

Mad Props to BlackMajik and Big Up to DJ Scaramanga.




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