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Sure Shot Singles : Maestro Fresh Wes - Fine Tune Da Mic - 1993

12" - 1993 - LMR 

"Fine Tune Da Mic" was the first single dropped in 1993 by the Canadian emcee Maestro Fresh-Wes from Scarborough/Toronto off his classic album "Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!!" which was released one year later. 
This 12" was released on LeFrak-Moelis Records (LMR), a record label based in New York founded by Samuel J. LeFrak (of the LeFrak Organization) and music industry veteran Herb Moelis. 

The wax contains 3 songs, "Fine Tune Da Mic" and "Make It For The Ruff" produced by the legendary Showbiz (of Showbiz & AG), and "Dat's My Nigga" produced by Maestro himself. If you like productions with Jazz flavors, this 12" is for you. 

For those who don't know Maestro Fresh Wes, you need to know that this guy is a legend and is consider as the Godfather of the Canadian Hip-Hop. He was one of the first emcee when there was no hip-hop scene in Canada at that time. His Debut Single "Let Your Backbone Slide" in 1989 was the First Canadian rap song certified gold. 
After the release of his "Maestro Zone" EP in 1991, Maestro Fresh-Wes moved to Brooklyn, NY and hooked up with the D.I.T.C member. That's how the track "Fine Tune Da Mic" was born. 

In July 1993, The 12" was reviewed in the Sure Shot Singles section of The Source Magazine :

From The Source - July 1993 - Original Scans by Frederic Thecle 




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