Radio Show : Le Craquenuques - 90s Gems Pt IV

Le Craquenuques is a Hip-Hop Radio Show aired every Wednesday at 9pm CET on the French Radio SUN (Le Son Unique). 90s Gems Pt IV is the latest episode from Sept 22nd 2021.


A.L - Lyrics (I Need You)

K-Otix - World Renown

The X- Executioners - Raida's Theme (Remix)

Army Of The Pharaohs Feat. Vinnie Paz/Chief Kamachi/Virtuoso/Esoteric/Bahamadia & Ikon - The Five Perfect Exertions

Cella Dwellas - Land Of The Lost

Concrete Click - Where You At

Ill Mentality - Lovin U4 Dayz (Qbc Remix)

Homeliss Derilex - Daily Operation

Scott Lark Da Sensei - Razzle Dazzle

Ground Floor - One Two

Mass Influence - Clown Syndrome

Rawcotiks - Going All Out

Rottin Razkals - Frustration

Funkdoobiest - Xxx Funk (The Dust Patients! Remix)

Science Of Sound - Why Am I So Fly

Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip-Hop


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