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Proof There Is An Agenda to Misguide Women's Aspirations

For all tha free apps available, we understand they have to show us ads. Ok, cool. But, when you really start to think about tha nature in how these ads are presented to you, not only is it lightweight harassment, but there is limited discretion. 

There's a grey area when we begin to talk about what's offensive and who's feelings are being prioritized in tha political realm. For example, it's considered "offensive" to call someone a faggot. But, if you were to call someone a nigga, it's free and clear all tha days long. 

When I saw this advertisement just below tha YouTube video I was watching, I couldn't ignore how these types of subliminal messages are tha very poison that has women in my generation choosing their careers over tha likes of building towards tha traditional family unit. You hear all these girls justify their dysfunction when talking to Kevin Samuels, and tha undertone is constantly about why these women are going to "end up" alone. But, while we wait for these chicks to "end up" like that, it's Men who are left alone RIGHT NOW tho. And that's what, in my opinion, is constantly glossed over. Men have to suffer thru right now without tha companionship of tha Woman because media and propaganda has conditioned our minds to seek refuge in channels that aren't for tha benefit of our own communities. 

When I spoke on ads having limited discretion, we don't really get to choose what's advertised to us. If it's something we may find offensive, there is no way to report it. I remember downloading a mobile game app about building a city yet the ads were promoting war games to me. Not only did I not appreciate that, but I felt it was harmful influence. And there was no way to counteract that type of advertisement. There was no report/hide button, just a link to learn more about their content. 

When you become "woke" you begin to take notice of all tha nuances that support our negatively impacted society. If our Women are being 'encouraged' to choose careers over Men then that effectively makes them worthless to us. And, in my opinion, there is nothing this society has to offer that is worth discombobulating tha traditional family.



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