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Lady Socratez Releases New Singles -(Single Review)

Lady Socratez has been releasing single after single all of 2021! She is gearing up for an album drop, giving us teasers on what to expect in the future. As an up-and-coming artist, it is only fitting that every single drop has a unique sound and theme, none being similar to the last. 

Her track “Power Moves” is an upbeat celebratory anthem inviting her listeners to join her in giving a toast to the good life. “Shotgun” is a classic trap-beat track about riding around town looking for trouble and having fun. “Legends” featuring Terry Mak is about paying respect to the artists who come forward about the struggle and pay homes to those on the come up. Terry Amal’s vocals are exceptionally delightful. 

Her song “Touchdown”  is a braggadocious track about Lady’s life being a touchdown. She’s essentially won the lottery with being born as herself. And “Uncle Sam” is a lamenting track on America and the state at which we live. Overall, we are happy to see Lady Socratez putting forth effort to drop her new album and we hope she continues to put in work to better her craft. We look forward to watching her growth and you can stream her singles on all major platforms now.

Score: 5/10

source https://undergroundhiphopblog.com/reviews/lady-socratez/


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