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A.M. Early Morning & Nightwalker Connect With Eto For “Late Night Early Morning 3”

The Chicago-based duo of A.M. Early Morning & Nightwalker delivers a jazzy, thoughtful new single with “Late Night Early Morning 3,” which features a noteworthy guest appearance from Rochester, N.Y. emcee Eto. In addition to some clever doses of wordplay, the trio essentially sticks to a similar thought process of “getting yours while the getting’s good.” There’s a grounded feel to it all that you don’t usually hear in cuts like this. For one, there’s the superbly smoked-out production from Nightwalker that really sets the tone. But there’s also no larger-than-life braggadocio here, just smart rhymes about putting in the work, sharing the spoils with your family, and keeping an eye out for snakes in the grass. “Late Night Early Mornings 3” is available now through your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform, and is taken from the duo’s collab EP, L.N.E.M. III, which is available now for pre-order and due out Sept 16 through their Late Night Music imprint.




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