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MidaZ The Beast & SHARP Announce Upcoming Collab Project “LIVEN****RAP”

Orlando based wordsmith MidaZ the Beast and NYC native sound craftsman SHARP have announced an upcoming collaborative project “LIVEN****RAP.” For those familiar with the works of MidaZ and SHARP, you know you’re getting real raw Hip Hop that captures the essence of the culture. This is Hip Hop that places you on the iron horse or on the outskirts of a cipher on the corner. Inspired by the standout Mobb Deep featured track of the same name off Nas‘ classic album “It Was Written,” Midaz and SHARP carry on tradition and build upon their compact but potent EP “A Bad Day At Black Rock.” For those who missed out, be sure to stream the project below, and keep a look out for more announcements to come for “LIVEN****RAP” soon!

source https://ughh.tempurl.host/news/midaz-the-beast-sharp-announce-upcoming-collab-project-livenrap/


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