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Q&A With Chicago’s Rising Underground Artist Cat Stockton

Please tell us how many years you’ve been making music? For those unfamiliar, please shed some light on your background in the Hip Hop game. Please detail.

I have been making music for about five years now. It all started after I dropped out of college with no plans for my future. All I knew was I wanted to try & use my creativity to finance myself for the rest of my life. There was no plan, just a crazy idea.

Please shine some light on the Chi-Town underground Hip Hop scene? Is it bubbling?

I cannot accurately detail how the underground Hip Hop scene is in Chicago. When I started this journey back in 2016, Lyrical Lemonade was the face of the underground here in the Windy City. They were hauling a heavy momentum on the internet, on the streets, and in the studio; they were friggin’ everywhere. Every MC wanted to be associated with Cole Bennett and his company one way or another. That’s not the same story in 2021. In 2021, you can’t break through with just the music alone. Now an MC needs a lot more “tools” than just the rhyme set. Because of that fact, it’s tough for me to define the “Underground Hip-hop scene” in Chicago.

Artists out here are either popping, somewhat affiliated, or relatively unknown. I fall in with the latter.

Do you find most of your fanbase familiar with you from your old projects, or do you feel that you’ve been discovered in recent years more so on the merit of your music. Please detail.

To be honest, I don’t have a legitimate fanbase. So I can’t answer that question truthfully.

When compared to other artists, what is it about Cat Stockton that stands out and makes you unique from the pack. Please detail

Definitely my ability to write. I have a unique understanding on how to make each word flow with the next. As well as an unorthodox, unconventional rhyme style.

Aside from the pen, my family’s musical background plays a huge role in what separates me from the rest of the pack. It’s in my blood. My father is from Ireland and is one of the most respected musicians in the Irish/Chicago community. My older brother plays guitar, has the voice of an angel, and writes phenomenal songs. They are an incredible inspiration for myself and continue to inspire me every single day.

Solely because of them, I have an advantage for sure.

Wow, your latest project “A MICK’S TAPE”, is a true BANGER in our books, your delivery & style truly represents what underground Hip Hop is all about! Tell us the story behind your recent project, And a little about the album cover concept!

A Mick’s Tape was created from a mental blend of curiosity & frustration. The title of the tape comes from two separate concepts: my Irish heritage & simple wordplay. The word “mick” is derived from the common prefix seen in many Irish last names (McDonald, McDonough, McManus, etc.). With that concept in mind, a mixtape translates into “A Mick’s Tape”. A simple, subtle play on words.

The tracks on the project were recorded in a sequenced order over the span of three sessions. The first session was on June 14th, the final on July 31st. The project was engineered exclusively by YRMIX over at Fort Knox Studios.

The album artwork was designed by my best buddy Bobby Daydream. I gave him a basic idea of how I envisioned it to look and let his creativity do the rest of the work. He sketched out every detail. Once everything was sketched out, that’s when my older brother stepped in & helped out. He’s the one who figures out how to put all the sketches together on Photoshop which makes our vision come to life. Overall, an absolute team effort.

The detail behind the artwork shows a silhouette sitting at an underground bar by himself smoking an old school bowl. Above ground, there is lightning & thunder setting upon the skyline. The title of the project is pictured in a gold frame; each letter shaded with the colors of the Irish flag.

What’s your favorite track off your latest album, and why? And please reference your favorite bar from this song that highlights your elite level lyricism.

My favorite track off the A MICK’S TAPE is the intro, Mr. NeighborGOOD.

This track laid down the foundation for the entire project. From the opening line,

Mr. NeighborGOOD sets the tone for what the listener should expect thanks to the old school hip-hop instrumental. From the get-go, those trumpets start blaring while the beat begins to skip. Soundin’ like a damn parade on St. Paddy’s Day. The beat itself took my mind on a roller coaster ride; lucky for me my hand was writing the whole time. After I finished writing this song, my entire approach towards creating music had changed.

My favorite bar from Mr. NeighborGOOD is from the second verse:

Y’all start while I’ll finish

Pity pot rap

Paddy on the track

Spittin’ rad vintage

Raw venom, short winded

Pulp Fiction

The pulse missin’

From the force drivin’


The work ethic

That concerns effort

For this new year 2021, what do we have to look forward to when it comes to new Cat Stockton music? Please reference your forthcoming projects that you’re at liberty to speak of.

As of now, I personally don’t have any forthcoming or future projects.

However, I will be appearing as a feature on a track for my homie Ski B’s debut project. You’d have to get in contact with him to find out the details on when that will be released. One thing for sure though is that tune is an absolute banger. True story.

Due to the pandemic, how are you pivoting with making music around this whole Covid 19 situation?

To be honest, the only reason I’m making music again is because of this pandemic. I retired from the rap game in August 2018 and had no plans of ever coming back. I already accepted the fact that I was going to be a blue-collar worker for the rest of my life. I was cool with it.

Once the quarantine started, I got bored. Once I got tired of being bored, I got curious. Once I hit a certain level of curiosity, I started writing. The rest is history.

We have to ask, with all this social discourse and revolt, protesting and rioting, exposed police brutality toward minorities, how do you guys feel about this? Not to mention, the huge wealth gap between the 1% and the rest of us. We would love your perspective on the climate we are living in right now?

I believe if one wants to express one’s opinion upon detailed matters involving the public, then that person should become a politician.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Google & SoundCloud.

If you like what you heard on “A MICK’S TAPE”, check out the other three catalogues I have on SoundCloud. The three playlists are: 1) ze Conquest 2) Behold ze Bold 3) Post-Bold

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