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Mark Sutton aka "Big Preach" talks Pasadena Blood Origins, Hard Prison Time, And Giving Back to His Community (Interview + Full Gallery)

 Mistah Wilson's exclusive interview with Mark Sutton aka Big Preach, one of tha original founding members of Pasadena Denver Lane Bloods.

Photos by Percy's Portrait Photography

After serving 26 straight years in prison, Mark Anthony Sutton, commonly known as "Big Preach", an OG from Pasadena Denver Lane Bloods, shares his background, story, and insight into tha life, culture, and mentality of gangs in Pasadena. He is one of a few founding members of Pasadena's largest street gang. In this 21-part series, Mistah Wilson highlights some of tha hottest topics discussed in tha interview. Enjoy tha gallery and catch tha series on YouTube!



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