Big Stacks & Nite Tyme – “The Vibe Out” (Album Review)

The duo of Phildpehphia’s Big Stacks and Milwaukee’s Nite Tyme has resulted in the brand new album “The Vibe Out”. With a chance at making a classic collaboration record, can these two seize the opportunity?

Through 15 tracks, this duo tears up the microphone with their seamless chemistry. Songs like “Rhymes” and “Make It Happen” show off the two’s ability to flow off one another’s ideas at their best. When it comes to both Big Stacks and Nite Tyme’s skills as actual MCs, both are highly proficient due to their gifted lyrical abilities and intuitive rhyme patterns. Moving into the actual content of their words, moments such as “Notalgia” show the duo’s ability to cover potent issues such as racial injustice and general corruption. Moving towards the more personal side of emotions, “My Eyes” stands out due to its heartfelt storytelling that focuses on both rappers come-up stories. Out of all the songs on this album, the best moment was hands down “Satin” due to its grimy atmosphere, which is created through the pair’s intense lyrical tangents. As a whole, the clever songwriting and solid chemistry make Big Stacks and Nite Tyme come off as one of the most exciting duos in the entire underground scene. 

Behind the boards, Big Stacks production is where this record truly shines. Taking the basics of classic boom bap, this student of the game dedicates each track to reinventing the mold with a unique soulful pattern. Whether it’s the elegant “Deeper Connection” or the soulful “Make It Happen”, each instrumental here is crafted to the most adequate degree. Adding to the soundscape, the amazing samples of vocals from legends such as KRS-One and the neat touches added to each track make this experience truly unforgettable. For anyone craving organically forged and beautifully sounding hip hop beats, look no further than here.

In conclusion, “The Vibe Out” is a great underground record that will satisfy any true hip-hop fan. Both Big Stacks and Nite Tyme deliver amazing lyrical performances, and the soundtrack done by Stacks himself is near perfect. Going forward, I cant wait to see what these two will do next, and if you can’t as well, be sure to follow @producerbigstacks and @nite_tyme on Instagram!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Production, Chemistry, Lyricism

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