MWD – “Ideologies” (Album Review)

MWD - “Ideologies” (Album Review)


MWD has just released a new 20 track project titled “Ideologies”. This group is highly unique incorporating artists from all over the world such as Africa, India, Egypt, Tunisia, USA, Canada and the U.K. “Ideologies” covers a range of topics from woman empowerment, human rights, religious freedom, nationalism and so much more. Each artist gets equal opportune on this project where they showcase their talents over English producer MWD’s beats. Each song features a different artist who elaborates on their individual passions. The album’s subject matter is solely focused on conscious themes that seek to educate the masses on the woman’s plight. The most notable quality on “Ideologies” is the bits of knowledge we receive from each respective artist who come from all parts of the globe yet their message feels unanimous. “Ideologies” offers a feminine voice in a man’s world where outspokenness is hard to come by. Fearless and brazen, “Ideologies” opens a new door to self discovery and newfound confidence. 

Score 4/10


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