Bronx rapper Sir-Prize talks Music, His New Shoe Line, and Growing Up As An Only Child



"Growing up as the only child was difficult cause I had no siblings which was lonely at times. I have to do everything and learn on my own as an only child. This just made me more focused on finding my inner talents and what I wanted to do in my life." @Sir-Prize

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Sir-Prize! Thanks for coming thru for this exclusive interview withThaWilsonBlock Magazine! What's new, fam!
Sir-Prize: Peace Love and blessings Mistah Wilson, everything is good I just been staying productive on my consistent grind. Also staying in good health and spirit and of course covid free.

Mistah Wilson: For our audience reading this, could you give us just a quick background on yourself?
Sir-Prize: Sir-Prize the Bronx Native. I grew up doing gymnastics. I could have been in the Olympics if I wasn't almost paralyzed from getting hit by a car at the age of 12. I discovered my passion for music early just growing up around it in the Bronx. I’ve performed twice at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem and also many local clubs and venues. I also auditioned and appeared in the Adam Sandler
movie Anger Management. I headlined/opened up for big acts like Trina, Bone Crusher, Cassidy, and Mr. Cheeks just to name a few.

Mistah Wilson: Tell us more about how the "Tape Master crew" impacted your life as an artist...
Sir-Prize: The Tape Master Crew was DJ Kid NU, DJ Mike Nice now Known as Mike Neezy, and Myself at the time I went by the name DJ T-Smooth. We were all from the Bronx and around the same neighborhood. This was a big turning point in my life that made me love music even more cause I was able to get the party going and the dance floor packed with dancing party-goers.

Mistah Wilson: What is your personal opinion about growing up as an only child? Would you say it had an effect on your relationship with music?
Sir-Prize: Growing up as the only child was difficult cause I had no siblings which was lonely at times. I have to do everything and learn on my own as an only child. This just made me more focused on finding my inner talents and what I wanted to do in my life.

Mistah Wilson: What current and upcoming projects do you currently have in tha works?
Sir-Prize: Albums and EPs: Sit With Me album | Time Is A Essence part 2 Compilation album | U.S.A (Un-Signed Artist) album | Patience was the key album | The Golden Child EP | The Golden Child album | SIR-EP | Coming soon - Porsche Music EP - 3/12/2021
Mixtapes: Back By Popular Demand mixtape hosted by DJ Chuck T | The Best Of Sir-Prize 1-12 | 
Summer Madness Compilation vol. 1 hosted by DJ Super C | Summer Madness Compilation vol. 2 hosted by DJ Kid Nu | Summer Madness Compilation vol. 3
I currently have my own sneaker line called CW Sneakers that can be seen here

Mistah Wilson: What are some of your favorite moments when performing and why?
Sir-Prize: My favorite moments are when I get the crowd's attention with my hip-hop intro. When I say "SIR YA SAY PRIZE" this shows me how the energy is gonna adapt to my performance. I always put on a concert performance so I have to make sure I grab the crowd's full attention from the time I step on the stage.

Mistah Wilson: Who are your biggest influences in music and why?
Sir-Prize: Master P! Master P is my biggest influence cause he went from artist to entrepreneur/businessman doing a lot of great things for his family and the community. He started from the mud to reach greatness and prominent success.

Mistah Wilson: If you could only suggest one of your songs to a first-time listener, which one would it be and why?
Sir-Prize: "Believe In Me" featuring Quilla; This song is so powerful cause as the title says Believe In Me. This is my pain song explaining my hurt and why I am who am to this day.

Mistah Wilson: Where can people find and follow you online?
Sir-Prize: FB:

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Sir-Prize! It's been awesome having you here with us for tha exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. If you have any shout outs, go ahead...
Sir-Prize: I would like to give a shout out to God first and foremost. My moms my grandfather my daughter Jayda Marie my whole family to narrow it down. Rip to my grandmother Texann who was like my sister, my brother hard Whyt and all the wild wolves, Snyp Life D-Block, Budda Early, Markie 3, My sis Vanity Boss Lady, my sis Female Goon, Zieme, Gros Dinero, E-brown, Beezy, Bigga, chance, my wife Maria, rip to my brother Overcease, shout out to the bro Vinny Idol the whole original Massylum Crew my true brothers, LaVar Hayes and Royal Crush Kiesha, shout out to all the radio stations playing my music like Radio New York Live, Hit Godz radio DJ 40kal, Phoenix 98fm in London, power 103.1 Atlanta, DJ Cisco at DJC Global Radio. Of course, I can't forget to give you a shout out Mistah Wilson and the whole ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. Thanks for the opportunity. Shout out to everybody I network with and all my loyal supporters. Keep believing in me and I will never let ya down. Sir-Prize The Marketable Beast. Ski-u!

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