Asun Eastwood & THETWINNING – “Prophecy Is My Present″ (Album Review)

Asun Eastwood is a 38 year old MC from Toronto, Canada who came up as part of the Brown Bag Money collective. His 2017 debut mixtape Hollywood Briggs was a good introduction, but it wouldn’t be until 2 years later after dropping his Finn-produced debut album With All Due Respect where he would come to my attention. He just dropped Let Me Talk My Shit a couple months back & to celebrate his birthday, Asun has enlisted THETWINNING for his 4th full-length album.

The title track that starts things off tells God to look at him now over multiple beat switches that’ll make you feel like you’re riding like a roller coaster whereas the next song “Stillness is a Skill” with Lord Juco finds the 2 talking about their spirits being imprinted & not accepting failure over a swanky instrumental. The song “TeamWork Glow” talks about how “it costs a lot to get it on your own” over a spectral beat while the track “StepWork Glow” with Falcon Outlaw sees the duo talking about wanting paper & respect over a boom bap instrumental with some sumptuous keyboard melodies.

The song “L.O.V. (Life Of Victory)” with Lex Talionis finds the 2 talking about love over a repetitive vocal loop while the track “Framed My Pyrex Bowl” with Raz Fresco sees the 2 of course talking about whippin’ up dope over a mild boom bap beat. The song “Underrated” with Family Gang Black & donSMITH finds the trio responding to those who call them such over a lush instrumental while the track “Anfernee” with SLNC sees the 2 talking about the outcome their aiming for over a dope ass soul sample.

The song “Hurt ‘Em” with Richie aka Rapsy & Quinn the Comic finds the trio talking about murder over a downtrodden beat over while the track “Inspired by Death” pays tribute to the fallen over an elegiac instrumental. The song “Tie Ya Camel” with Rasheed Chappell sees the 2 talking about proving who you are over an inspiriting beat & then the closer “Muhammad Glow” with Maze Overlay finds the duo pondering why question things you can’t control over a steady instrumental.

To me, this is yet another example as to why Asun is the currently most hard-working dude in BBM right now. The features on here are a bit too much, but I think THETWINNING cooks up some of their best production to date & Asun still manages to rip it up on the mic.

Score: 7/10

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