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Mistah Wilson reviews Cheat Code EP track for track by Jaye King & Tay Logan

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Ayo, what's good wit it! It's ya boy, Mistah Wilson! And we bouta review tha new EP by Jaye King & Tay Logan called "Cheat Code". When I first found out that Jaye King finally dropped a project, albeit a collaboration, I stopped everything I was doing and ran it up! After numerous cameos and hearing latest releases from fellow Zooited Gang members, it was refreshing to hear Jaye King on his own project...with Tay Logan, of course!

Because I was excited to hear Cheat Code by Jaye King & Tay Logan, I wanted to take this opportunity to write a review on it. Now, for tha record, I must say, ever since I moved to Seattle, WA tha first time in 2017, I've been quite impresed with tha quality of music artists in tha PNW are putting out. Jaye King has been no exception. So, without further ado, let's go ahead and break this album down track for track.

Code 2 Da Game

Now, tha introduction was just an interlude so I'm going to let tha audience figure out what movie or show it came from. Nonetheless, I found it to be interesting to hear. Two pimps, sounding like tha old one lost his bitch to tha young one. You know, Cheat Code shit lol.

Boss Nigga

What a way to set tha vibe! Probably my favorite cut off tha EP, "Boss Nigga" be that cut you bump when you first turn yo car on and mash off. "Run it in, baby come slide, ya last nigga didn't even have a ride // ya last nigga didn't even have it live, ya last nigga didn't even have five" was my favorite line off this whole song! Shit made me run it back more than a few times.

Knock It Off

Now, this song was a cold lil switch up in tempo. I fucks with tha hook, tho heavy. When Jaye King said "Bitch, I need about 20 when I drop it off" that let you know he got tha game in him. Now, typically, I'm not a big fan of sexually explicit music, but King & Logan put a twist on this one that made it okay to bang in tha whip. This one goes out to them choosy bitches and them niggaz that lose their piece to tha next nigga who game was tighter.

Summer Madness

Just in MFn time for tha Summer! Now, we all know 2020 been pretty fucked up for tha world. Throw this song on to get that West Coast Summertime vibe fr fr. This one qualifies as one of my favorites off tha album, fasho tho. Smooth singing on tha hook makes for easy listening that helps you live in tha moment. This is definitely one of tha jazzier cuts and could most definitely see this one getting some club spins and radio play.


This one got a cold hook and one of my favorite Tay Logan verses. "I'm tired of yo shit, bitch you gotta go" lol that shit real but it's funny cuz it be really be like that sometimes. I'm not a big fan of acronyms, but this one kinda made some sense to me. Bang this one wit a lil sip in ya cup and vibe out. This that song yo bitch like even tho it be about her lol.

Need It

Super banger! I'm feeling tha beat selection on this cut right here. Tha beat to me is like Eazy E's "Any Last Werdz"meets DJ Quik's funky West Coast sounds that he's known for. Rolling in tha whip I fasho had to run this one back a couple times. One of them cuts I'd download by itself if I had to curate a mixed playlist.


I fucks with this song here. This one they should probably do a music video for. Remind me not to forget this cut when WilsonBlock100 Radio drops it's next mixtape. Hearing how King came off on this one just goes to show that he can adapt to different styles. After hearing this, you could tell he has some potential charting hits in him.

Freak Hoes

I don't like this song. Lol. But, I recognize it’s appeal.

For tha most part, I think this is a good EP. It's one I'm going to keep in my collection of local music. Not only do I enjoy this project, I appreciate being caught by surprise when it was released. Although some songs were in tha 2-minute range, tha project didn’t feel rushed and is a great example of what an EP is: An intro, interludes,
and at least 7 songs, in which this one came with a bonus track!

With tha release of “Cheat Code”, Jaye King is helping keep Zooited Gang crackin’ and on tha forefront of tha movement. Taye Zooited is leading a strong team of artists that have major mainstream viability and Jaye King is doing his part by showing up for work! Zooited Gang, to me, is like tha Young Money of tha SouthEnd Seattle region. Even with tha addition of Tyke ThaMob, they just have good versatility.

Jaye King recently made a smooth cameo in Ajane’s latest video with Taye Zooited called “80 Proof”. This project was my first time discovering Tay Logan, so I’ll be looking out for his new music and hopefully he drops a solo project some time soon as well. We most definitely gotta get an interview with Tay for ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. Yo, Tay Logan, if you’re reading this, let’s make it happen, mayne!

I’m definitely looking forward to “The Collective” album by Zooited Gang on July 1st, 2020. If I was you, I’d listen to this whole EP, like it, share it, and add it to your favorite streaming service playlists. We’ll be adding our favorite songs to Mistah Wilson’s Picks Spotify Playlist. “Cheat Code” by Jaye King & Tay Logan is available on all streaming platforms such as Apple MusicAmazon, Google Play. Follow Jaye King on Instagram



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