Figg Newton "The Hardest Blood Rapper Out Right Now"

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Ya know, usually, it takes something real to open people up to new things. As we grow older, we become set in our ways and it takes a unique experience to receive something new. I can attest to that myself. When rapper The Game was preparing for the release of "The Documentary" back in 2005, I remember seeing him on 106 & Park as I got ready for school that morning. I remember saying out loud to myself, "Mannn, ain't nobody bouta buy that shit!" But, as soon as it dropped, it was hands down my favorite album! Cats was giving tha year 2005 to Jeezy, but if I heard you say that, I was definitely gon' remind you of The Game's debut project. It wasn't long before I memorized that entire album. Even tha 300 Bars, I got it all memorized.

It kinda happened tha same way with Macklemore. My boy Mr. McStrange put me up on game with his video "The Town" and I admit, I was impressed, but not sold. As soon as he dropped The Heist, I remember walking thru Target one night and seeing it on tha shelves. I said to myself," Mannn, ain't nobody bouta cop that shit!" That week, a friend of mine made it a point for me to listen to Macklemore's The Heist album. He gave it to me on a thumb drive and told me to take 2 weeks, listen to it, and get back to him. Well, I did just that. And, I must say, I gave tha album a healthy review. From that point on, Macklemore influenced my idea for Pasadena Music Scene.

And now, Figg Newton. Coming from one of tha most legendary Blood sets in Los Angeles. Now, first off, let me say for tha record that I have never personally met Figg Newton yet so I have no reason to sugarcoat anything in this article. He's a rapper I've heard people talk about sporadically over tha years. But, nobody personally suggested his music to me. Well, I was browsing YouTube one day and I came across some of his content. By this
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time, I've already heard of him. So, I felt moved to see what he was talkn bout. When I first watched tha music video for "We Started The Woop" ft. Big Wy is when I really started to pay attention. "I ain't talkn bout my life and what I say in tha booth, but uh, you can catch a fade if what I say ain't tha truth".

"BEENOTE" music video by Figg Newton

Inspired by tha likes of Big Wy, Mitchy Slick, and B. Brazy, Figg Newton's passion for life emanates thru his lyrics. "Kan't stop it, my nigga, I know tha code   ///   Climb tha totem pole, when you learning on Figgaro". You can feel just how serious he is as he delivers raw concepts on life growing up in tha hood. His recent banger "Kant Stop Woopin" is a pure classic! So much so that I spent damn near a whole week just playing that song! I couldn't even get past the first verse, it was so hard! My favorite line in that song is when he said," Nigga, I'm pushin' kapital B's and P's National, Hoppin' out irrational, nigga, diss I'm smashin' you". I just never heard a Blood rapper come off that hard, bro str8 out! And it was that cut that inspired me to write this article proclaiming Figg Newton as "The Hardest Blood Rapper Out Right Now". With much love & respect to B. Brazy, Newton doesn't disappoint.

I had to peep tha interviews that Figg Newton and Big Wy did with Urban City TV and it gave me a good idea of where they was at when I was growing up. Figg Newton today is a symbol of evolution founded on homage, respect, and admiration for his predecessors who undoubtedly made their mark in LA music if not Worldwide. Now, if you are no stranger to South Central LA, then you already know what life is like growing up on Figueroa Street. From pimpin & prostitution to gang banging and excessive police activity, Figueroa is one of them melting pots a person can lose their life quick. To actually grow up in this area being surrounded by potential enemies can say a lot about a person's resilience. Especially when you pushing a line like Figg Newton. Spending some time down in San Diego, Newton made a name for himself throughout different pockets of SoCal. When I hear his music, I regain appreciation for that rare authenticity in gangsta rap. "Real DAMU, not these niggaz that's out here actin' cute" @FiggNewton "BEENOTE"

My absolute favorite songs by Figg Newton are "I'm On""BEENOTE", and tha one that made me a fan "Kan't Stop Woopin". I just downloaded all his tapes off tha Piff so I've got some catching up to do. I might even write a mixtape review on a few of his projects. His song "Lanelife" resonated with me a bit since I'm already familiar with my young DENA niggaz on tha Westside. Shout out Young Ive & Lil Byrd, tho! "You ain't gotta be all that, tho, you ain't wit tha full bullshit, fall back bro". I hear that song and it reminds just how serious gang banging is. From doing time in prison to getting back out and on his shit, you can't do nothing but respect it.

When I heard that "Pill Call" diss track on Daz Dillinger, it let me know that Newton is tapped in. It showed that he's willing to back up what he say in his raps. Now, I can't say Figg Newton is "The Hardest Blood Rapper Out Right Now" without mentioning other local heavyweights such as Joe Moses, FT Hopout, and RJ. These are tha artists reprenting tha B-side in LA that carry weight. And you gotta give all of them their just due for tha work they put in. But, as for me, I got Figg Newton in tha tape deck and now for some reason I just kan't stop woopin.

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Gotta appreciate tha consistency. FastLane Figg has been putting pressure on tha game and got quite a few projects under his belt. Heavy on tha mixtape circuit, in 2013, he dropped "FIGG NEWTON PRESENTS THE WAKE UP" mixtape with 18 cuts for ya and numerous more such as "U Figg Me", "The Extraz", & "The Plug" all available for free download on Datpiff. Couple that with recent videos like "BEENOTE", "Ain't It A Shame", and "Figg Raised" and you got a star from tha streets that's destined to become a household name. You can cop his latest album "U Figg Me 2" available on all platforms right mfn now!

"All in, I don't see tha streets shakin' me, and I don't see a situation breaking me   ///   Yea, I do believe in God, but where he takin' me, but he don't make mistakes, so I tell my mama Pray for me."

At this point, I'm follwing Figg's latest releases. It's never too long before he's dropping something new on tha YouTube channel so make sure you hit that bell icon on tha subscription. In a day and age when tha game is convoluted, you can rely on FastLane Figg's authentic narrative of life growing up in these streets. With much love, respect, and admiration for Blood rappers such as The Game, Jay Rock, and YG, I gotta give it up for Figg Newton. And I say that being a tremendous fan of these rap artists. It was a bit surprising to not see a Figg Newton & Nipsey Hussle collaboration although Newton did his part sampling tha late great Hussle Man on his mixtape. I'd like to see Figg collab wit' FT Hopout, Snoop Dogg, Eastside Johnny, and The Game. I just feel like big homies in tha game oughta reach out to tha Figgaro ridah and put him all tha way on. But, we'll see what happens. Ya Figgadeal me, tho. 2

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