Meet Rock / Jazz / Classical Songwriter "Bill Kuhns" from Pacific Grove, CA

Listen to Bill Kuhns music on SoundCloud

William Chamberlain Kuhns [March 28th 1949] self taught song writer, photgrapher, artist. Currently showing in local gallery Masiah and Friends 125 Ocean View Blvd Pacific Grove, California [near Monterey Bay Aquarium]. Parent of one son Christopher Kuhns [mother African American] Original music link.

Short story published on writer John Steinbeck website [about meeting the author in the early 1960's] 

My parents were the models for Edward Albee's--Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf  played by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in film version. My parents were friends of Edward Albee before he was well known---1940's--early 1950's.

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