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Taye Zooited Drops "Thug Therapeutics" album featuring Terry Hoover and Jaye King

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Taye Zooited is back again with another classic album: 'Thug Therapeutics' featuring Terry Hoover
and Jaye King. One of tha most consistent rappers we've met from tha Pacific Northwest, this 7-cut EP by Taye Zooited features songs that reflect tha life of a thug nigga.

"Real niggaz got gang ties, and nigga, I'll die behind my street sign" Taye Zooited in "Gang Ties" (Track #1)

7 albums in, Taye Zooited is proving that he's here for tha long haul. With the recent release of Thug Therapuetics, we caught up with Taye Zooited for a quick interview about tha new album. Don't forget to check out his official music video for "Demonized" below.

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Taye Zooited! Back with another one! Thug Therapuetics. Tell us a little about how this project came together...
Taye Zooited: Man I Was Waiting On My Album To Drop My Producer Was Takin ForEver So I Decided To Drop A Sorry For The Wait Like EP

Mistah Wilson: I love the production on this album. Who are some producers you worked with?
Taye Zooited: 17Onna Track, Callan, I Even Produced All Night.

Mistah Wilson: Thug Therapeutics is good enough to turn on and just let it play through. What would you say are your 3 favorite songs off tha album?
Taye Zooited: Choosy Ass Bitch, Demonized, Playin Roles.

Mistah Wilson: What overall message do you want this album to convey to listeners?
Taye Zooited: Like Uncle Andy Said if U Don’t Go Thru It How U Gone Get To It If It Wasn’t For My Trials N Tribulations I Wouldn’t Be Who I Am Today

Mistah Wilson: What's tha latest & greatest with Zooited Gang? What projects ya'll got on tha horizon?
Taye Zooited: We Waiting To Get Outta Lockdown But We Got A Double Disc On The Way One Side Zooited Gang 4X HARDER Which Is Like I Revamped 4 Members Only Consisting Of Me Jaye Tyke And Ajane And The Other Side Is The Collective 20 Hot Tracks Our First Time Having Features Brought Kode Black To Be On The Album Mistaloon And The Newest Artist On The Label Tay Logan This Double Disc Gone Go Hard So I Hope Y’all Ready.


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