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Tr!zzy Track – #Practice (LP)

There is a hot new act behind the broads of your favorite Hip Hop artists right now.

Tr!zzy Track is an emerging new producer coming out of Anderson, South Carolina with a laundry list of star-studded consignment from a wide variety of Hip Hop heavyweights, including notable mentions, Meek Mill and Timberland. Discovered by his successful battle career and high profile coverage on Beats 1 and WCCB Charlotte. After receiving standout placement on Cam’ron’s new Purple Haze 2, Tr!zzy steps into the spotlight with his own 35-track presentation called #Practice.

What can you expect from #Practice? Tr!zzy is known to possess an eclectic charisma and soulful spaciness technique to his art. Heavy sampled melodies laced with unmatched charisma is a combination that creates a sound that stands out in the crowd. The project includes guest spots by Charlit Chuck, Will Wundah GhostSpace, Wes Kraven and Jay Marshall.

Following the listen, follow Tr!izzy’s journey on social media for daily updates and more. #Practice is available now via Track and Feel Productions. Stream it now, courtesy of Spotify.



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