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Taye Zooited Underrated By Jhantu Randall

Nowadays, it seems as if everyone's reflecting on groups that have created a legacy for themselves, but somehow they still hold a blind eye towards those who are building it right in front of them. I’ve said numerous times that Zooited Gang as an act has an energy that is felt by everyone when they perform live, how that same energy translated itself onto Taye’s album “Underrated” is mind-blowing. Your casual listener might be hesitant at first, but the production on every track will definitely grab their attention at the very least. The production on Underrated adds its imprint on the West Coast sound while modernizing it for 2019. It’s because of this that every artist featured can be heard fully as they’re all elevated by the music itself. 

As soon as the first track starts you know you’re in for a project that has raw, honest verses laced over a sonically smooth sound. “I’m Ave’n” featuring Rainier Ave Musik sets the bar high from jump. Every verse on this compliments the previous without trying to do too much. The second track takes the energy to a whole other level. Taye sets it off but its Tyke Tha Mob’s verse that’ll catch you off guard. His flow is so effortless it shows a clear difference between an artist who’s talented as opposed to one who’s just born with it. Not to be outdone, Holly Doe’s verse is full of quotable(s), this is the track where you’ll pick up something new every time you hear it. “Just Being 100” is a good balance energy wise to follow the previous track as it calms everything down a bit. The next few tracks follow that calming formula, each one highlights what its meant to with no filler. Each track has something that’s bound to resonate with the listener. The highlight of the album in my opinion is the track “Street Niggah” white features Jaye King, Mistaloon, Ajane, Mafi D, Streetball Supe, SRT, and Tyke Tha Mob. This track highlights the emcee in everyone involves. Every verse has distinct wordplay, imagery, cadence, and flow. Ajane being the anchor to close it out fit perfects as she seemed to harness the energy of everyone and put her stamp on it. After hearing this, I’m hard pressed to think of anyone who could go bar for bar with any of them. “It’s Whatever” Featuring Rocky again gives balance but has you wanting to continue listening.

“Bubble Up” Featuring 2eleven will definitely be a repeat play. The jazzy beat works surprisingly well with the lyrics. It goes to show that music, regardless of the genre, will blend together as long as the ones composing it are telling their truth. If radio play were still pushed as hard as they once were then “Stop Playing” featuring Jaye King would be a sure thing for a lead single. It has a calmer sound with a wide appeal. “By My Lonesome” is a standout song as well. Taye shows a certain vulnerability that bleeds through the speakers as it plays. It’ll put you in a train of your own thoughts if you’re truly listening. The final 2 songs play as a promising outro that wraps up and brings the curtain to a close of Underrated. After a few listens, its evident that the talent associated with this is top tier the only challenge is getting the right ear to hear it as this proves that the level of dedication and hard work without compromising does produce quality as long as your patient. If anything, this solidifies the sentiment that Zooited Gang isn’t just a group of talented artists, it’s an entire movement that’s consistently building a legacy brick by brick. 



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