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This is JazzZ, but with a triple Z and some additional juju magic: With influences like Sade Adu and Aaliyah, "Yummy Vibes" is a soulful and magical musical alchemy of afrobeats, R&B and reggae vibes.

The lyrical themes include love ("Lover", "Juju Na Magic"), freedom of expression, not letting the fear of lack of acceptance hold you back from being yourself ("My Body"), relationship issues ("Gbim Gbim"), and sexual freedom ("Shine Your Love", "Wild Thing").

Inspired by her everlasting muse, the Yoruba Goddess Yemoja, protector of woman and children, this is the start of something big for Lagos-based vocalist JazzZ. Get onboard the Yummy Vibes train and let JazzZ take you on an afro-futuristic transcendental cosmic musical journey.



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