Dlux – “Outta Love” (Video)

Dlux is an artist with many talents, that really creates a visual picture with her songs. Most of them seem to be written in mind of future videos for the records. Not too many artists can create music and paint a picture for you, which will make you really see what she is talking about.

This record is something powerful and has a crazy message to it. You can tell that Dlux spoke from the heart on this record.

Dlux falls “Outta Love” on her new single release off her forthcoming EP ‘Elevated’. “Outta Love” touches base on a thing of her past and lays out her future. Dlux confidently claims the first level of her own personal elevation process at this point in her life and relays the message that if you’re picking up red flags, it’s time to let things go, move forward and keep focused.

Click the link or play button below to listen to this masterpiece.

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