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Q & A with San Bernardino rising star SYX

1. Its a pleasure coming across unique Hip-Hop , What influenced your music approach & how did you choose a name?
I appreciate that bro. I think it was more so who influenced my music approach, cause I’ve always been musically driven, I grew up singing in the church, playing drums, I started watching certain people that made me wanna do it , just by Fashion, style, smoothness, like Will Smith. My mentor who recently passed was, “Todd 1” of Yo MTV Raps. He inspired me to rap. To actually get out there and do something , he told me I reminded him of his long time friend Mc Lyte. I knew who she was, and people been telling me I sound like her all my life , lol so I’m like let me try rapping , and I fell in love wit it. My name….Sy|x ! So it’s Sy which are the first two letters of my first name, then X is the last letter in my last name, and the 4th in my middle name. So I basically , well .. shoutout to my mom over at “Akin to Wealth Image Consulting” hahaha WE came up with “Sy|x” together and it’s been smooth since.

2. In todays game its all about fan reach what are some ways you are connecting with your supporters?
I just got plugged wit this dude that do digital cards , it has a scan code on the back you run your phone across mine, my whole project gone pop up, I also started giving away Urban Squad T-shirt’s out at my shows. Ummm, I go live a lot on Instagram alot, I like to talk directly. Im not really into challenges but I did the “Time for It” challenge by Azjah and I got hella love & followrs. My fan base kind of low right now but the music is hot, so I’m just trusting the process. I’m just tryna reach the people as best as I can and hope they support. The music speaks for itself.

3.Okay Give us a break down of how this album came to be?
iRREGULAR. My baby. This album came from tragedy, heartbreak, relationship experiences, pain, and happiness. EVERY song was a true story, I love to story tell so with the help of a blunt, haha, I was able to put together this project. Convo wit the Clouds was my first ever written track, I lost 2 of my friends Claudia and Tokyo in a tragic car accident on their way home from the club. They were the lady version of my team Urban Squad, the Urban Dolls. The pain I felt that year of 2017 is why I got so much to say on beats today. I been through breakups , got cheated on , Hunnid Grand is the feeling I’m in right now , I been on this “high” wit this music, feeling like a Hunnid Grand, smokin like I got a Hunnid Grand, til I make, a Hunnid Grand.

4.So far in in Hip-Hop what has been the most monumental moment for you as a artist. Like that bone thrilling experience you cant help but be proud of?
Damn. I’m always grateful for every experience, this marathon is actually .. but I would definitely say throwing the first pitch at the 66ers baseball game in my town, San Bernardino. My single “Dino Mentality” was playing, my project was up on the big screen, all my people was in the sky box watching me … it was amazing. An honor. It made me feel good to get that type of recognition, I love baseball, & I grew up knowing the Inland Empire 66ers was our towns very own minor league baseball team. So that was big for me.

5.I have seen you active with new visuals etc whats next for the kid?
Man more visuals. I wanna give y’all every video to every song on the EP, like some Chris Brown, “Royalty” album sh*t. I’m also working now on a ”No Guidance” freestyle video, that’ll drop in a few weeks, It’s just a lil something to end the summer with, but bring the fall in safely and hopefully I can get a big feature for the project I just dropped lol.

6.What is your definition of Underground Hip-Hop
Unheard, overlooked, not for radio play. Real Raw HipHop. Some sh*t the “other folks” scared to say.




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