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Q&A With Rising Socal Hip Hop Native Indio9

Congratulations on your new single, “Watch My Back” Ft. Low, Red Cloud & Spyder Deuce catching waves currently, tell us a bit about the single and the message you want fans to get?

Thank you hella appreciate that, me and the team worked really hard on the track and I wanted to show the world that real hiphop is still alive and we are living proof of that.

Is your real name Indio9, or is it your artist name?

Na, government is Abraham Magante. I got the name iNDiO9 when I was incarcerated. The n9ne is silent haha.

How long have you been making music?

I started when I was thirteen, seeing my older relatives with the makeshift studio in the garage. Passing out their burned cds at school, I was telling myself this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

We do notice you have no full-length albums…? When are you planning on dropping it!

Actually my distributor messed that up for me FR. The singles that I put out before “watch my back” were supposed to be my album but they labeled the tracks as singles. Never make a rookie mistake like that again.

How did you end up linking with Spyder Deuce? Kid is super dope and we are huge fans of his work!

My relative showed me his SoundCloud and I dug the fuck outta my Skinz work. We chopped it up and asked him to be apart of this project and I do not regret it. I personally think that as Indigenous artists we need to stick together and show the world that we are still here and we have a story and vision that needs to be heard.

Describe the genres of music you are making since we hear different sounds?

Main stay is hiphop, but I’ve dabbled a bit in vocals like singing, reggae, hard rock, country, and traditional powwow singing.

Please tell us a bit about your hometown, how is the Hip Hop scene in your area?

Pauma Indian Reservation, located in southern Cali San Diego. Hip Hop literally breathes thru the area. You can’t go down my road without hearing someone bumping some music that’s on the set.

As you know, we are a Hip Hop site. Any raw Hip Hop songs in the works delivering bars over hard hitting beats?

Hells yea, I’ve came across a few artists and producers from your guys website who I would be honored to work with. Y’all is dope for shining light on REAL talent.

Any other new music or collabs in the works?

That is classified information( just playin ) Yea I’m currently working on a song for my 6 kids. They have been the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing. When I leave this earth, I’m leaving them a Empire to rule so they can pass this on to their own children and so on and so forth.

Our highlight question, what’s your definition of underground hip hop?

Underground hiphop: Genre of music that is underestimated and understated by the whole world. When in fact has the greatest artists and sounds than the industry business.

Lastly, any shout outs?

Yes I want to give all my thanks and praise to God for blessing me, a shout out to my biggest supporter (my wife). The dopest madman I’ve ever met on the beat Undergroundchemist, Tech N9ne and the Strange Music Army for giving me the influence and motivation to pursue my vision, my big homie Debo Watson for gifting the world my music videos. Last but never least, my children. Don’t ever give up on your goals and dreams. Because when someone tells you that you can’t do it, you do it anyways and you make sure you make it look damn good.



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